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Yesenia Sparkles is a model, actress, activist & scientist. Each of these facets are discussed in more detail below.

Model: Yesenia Sparkles models in a wide variety of genres, as evidenced by the wide genres and versatility in her look in her portfolio. She has done more traditional styled modeling, make-up modeling, hair modeling, editorial shoots and bikini shoots. Additionally, she has worked in more risqué genres such as lingerie, nude and fetish modeling. She has won the titles of Miss February 2015and Model of the Year 2016 in the Miss Social Network competition under her alter name, Lauren Incitar, and she has been published in various magazines and circulars, including Tease-Magazine.

Actress: Yesenia has acted in a variety of roles, having acted in some more mainstream traditional-type roles and also has acted in adult films & scenes, including fetish. Yesenia takes great pride in her work and has always left producers quite happy with her work and more than happy to work with her again. She is down-to-earth, sweet, and takes her work seriously. She is a very convincing actress!

Activist: Yesenia Sparkles is a staunch human rights activist and has taken up various causes relating to human rights, workers’ rights, and feeding the homeless. She is actively involved with various local groups to help individuals who are homeless or in lower income brackets and is a very vocal sex workers rights activist as well.


Contact Yesenia:Whether you are a fan, researcher, journalist or producer; Yesenia Sparkles is open to communicating with you. You can email her at . She does request that you add a subject line and in the body of your email to include your contact details and references, if applicable.

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